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Newtown Borough’s GOP Team is committed to:

Putting people before politics. We are all residents of the same community and need to live and work together. We all want what is best for our community and we believe we can provide it. We can, only if we work towards that as residents and value each other’s opinions as we would our own.

Maintaining our Borough police force. We need to maintain our own police force to provide effective protection for our selves and business. Providing a Borough police department ensures our long-term independence and lets us control our expenses.

Providing pedestrian safety and traffic management. Newtown is a unique town which allows residents and visitors to walk everywhere. We must preserve that ability, while allowing for traffic flow in and around the Borough.

Upholding effective management of the Borough infrastructure. We need to manage our expenses to keep the street, sidewalk, trees and snow removal at the optimal level of cost to budget figures.

Supporting responsible development and historic preservation. Our community is a showpiece of historic balance. We have many fine old structures and streets that allow the blending of many centuries of development. We must preserve this history and also allow new development to enhance our fingerprints on this community.

Sustaining fiscal responsibility. Maintaining our responsible budgets and controlling our expenses is what we all want for Newtown. We need people who are willing to step up and provide the leadership and knowledge to make sound financial decisions to keep Newtown on the path of financial independence and fiscally sound leadership.

Over the years, the Newtown Borough Republican Party has always
put the interests of the citizens over the interests of the party.